Welcome to DubBox USA

If you're looking for a small camper that will be the envy of all, then look no further!


Tailgating, Camping, Food Carts and more...

Ideal for weeks away for two, or extra space for a family of campers, Dub box has all you need…a spacious dining area that would easily seat four adults, a huge converted double bed, a custom kitchenette with plenty of storage and so much more.

Customization is another reason why Dub box stands out from the crowd. Not only can you choose the colors for the upholstery but also the work tops, cupboards, flooring and blinds. Everything about our campers has been tailor made to enhance your camping experience.

But the fun does not stop here. Dub Box makes a great food cart and or event cart. We offer the same customization and we build to specific county codes. Do you have a secret recipe in mind you want to share with your community? Well, serve it up in a Dub Box!

  • 100% Fiberglass - No VW Campervans have been hurt in the process. -
  • Whether it’s selling coffee, micro-brews, grilled cheese, hot dogs or even fancy french pastries, food carts are cooking up something for everyone.-
  • Lightweight enough to be towed by many vehicles...compact enough to be stored in a garage.-